Dieses Portfolio ist auf den internationalen Markt ausgerichtet und ausschließlich in Englischer Sprache verfügbar.

Our goal is to enable people to grow, shape and lead companies and organisations to reach their objectives. In our capacity building formats we provide participants with tools, fresh perspectives, and impulses, as well as practical knowledge to boost their skills and competencies.

ADG International is transferring experience of over 40 years in strategic personnel/HR and organisational development as well as training from the German cooperative sector to the international level.

We do not rest on our history but rather are constantly adapting and transforming our training portfolio to keep it relevant, impactful, and continuous. We blend digital courses with live in-person and virtual learning to grow people.

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  1. Team resilience - WBT
    Team resilience - WBT
    Preis 221,00 €
    Gold 199,00 €

    The e-learning course will focus on the application of the 7 keys to resilience to your team: What can you do as a team leader to foster your own resilience, but also to strengthen your team members' resilience and to thereby make your entire team more resilient towards crises? It is sometimes hard for team leaders to draw the line between the responsibility which comes along with their position and areas which exceed their competence and/or their responsibility. We will help you focus on areas which you can and should tackle as a leader.

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  2. Individual resilience - WBT
    Individual resilience - WBT
    Preis 110,00 €
    Gold 99,00 €

    The e-learning course will familiarise you with all 7 keys to resilience and provide you with tips on how to apply them personally, as an individual. This will not only help you deal with stress at work, but also with all sorts of challenge in your personal environment. After all, resilience can be learnt and trained and it has been scientifically proven to help you recover faster after a crisis. Also, resilient individuals do not experience the effects of a crisis as harshly as non-resilient ones.

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  3. Leadership for performance - WBT
    Leadership for performance - WBT
    Preis 110,00 €
    Gold 99,00 €

    How to lead individuals in alignment with the organisation's objectives? This is the overarching question of the e-learning course. You will learn about the basics of managing performance as well as setting SMART goals, and consider how to conduct effective staff appraisals. Finally, you will learn how to distribute and delegate tasks and responsibilities in an effective way that fosters personal growth of your employees

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  4. The power of communication and feedback - WBT
    The power of communication and feedback - WBT
    Preis 110,00 €
    Gold 99,00 €

    A significant part of being a successful leader can be attributed to being able to communicate effectively and provide meaningful feedback. You will explore how to establish effective communication with your employees, within your team, with your clients and your peers. And, you will learn about giving and receiving feedback and understand why an effective feedback or feedforward culture is beneficial for handling, as well as preventing, conflicts.

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  5. Leadership foundations - WBT
    Leadership foundations - WBT
    Preis 110,00 €
    Gold 99,00 €

    You will learn what leadership is about, get an overview of the different facets of leadership, learn what differentiates leadership from management, and get to know about leadership orientations and their effects. This e-learning course will guide you in identifying your own leadership style, and discover in which ways you as a leader can have an impact on your employees. Moreover, the course deals with leadership values, purpose, and leadership culture as well as with the question how these points are interlinked.

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  6. Leadership - WBT
    Leadership - WBT
    Preis 443,00 €
    Gold 399,00 €

    The e-learning course aims at providing you with basic knowledge on the topic of leadership. Therefore, we will provide you with an overview of the various facets of leadership and, what is more important, encourage the reflection on the role as a leader in your institution. We have integrated a "learning journal" which serves to guide and inspire you in your personal reflection on your individual leadership style as well as underlying influencing factors.

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