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Leadership for performance - WBT

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Anyone who is in or wants to grow into a leadership role | Anyone who wants to get to grips with the subject of leadership

How to lead individuals in alignment with the organisation's objectives? This is the overarching question of the e-learning course. You will learn about the basics of managing performance as well as setting SMART goals, and consider how to conduct effective staff appraisals. Finally, you will learn how to distribute and delegate tasks and responsibilities in an effective way that fosters personal growth of your employees

The WBT is is split into three modules, each containing a variety of sub-modules:

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 2.1 An appreciative approach towards performance management
  • 2.2 Unlocking potential through effective delegation

All ADG’s WBTs follow a user-friendly and practitioner-oriented didactical approach, combining the delivery of technical knowledge through motivating and small e-learning modules. This means:

  • You will be provided with various interactive learning elements, such as scenarios, which will help you to apply what you have learnt and to transfer it to your daily working routines.
  • You have the opportunity to enhance the knowledge you have gained through self-study in in-depth webinars.
  • Learning content that is not delivered through plain text or video lectures but through quizzes and games, facilitating the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Learning content that will be accessible at any time and serves as a reference point for your daily operations.
  • Well-prepared and compact learning sessions smoothly to integrate thoughout your day. That is, processing time of each e-learning module is no longer than 20 minutes and can be paused and continued at the participant’s discretion.
  • Contact persons who are available to you at all times for both technical and content-related questions.
  • You will be provided with handouts that you can print or save on your device as a resource in your daily operations.
  • Certificate of participation (on demand)
Isabelle Katthagen

Isabelle Katthagen

Director ADG International
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