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Team resilience - WBT

Diese Veranstaltung richtet sich an:
Anyone who wants to strengthen their own resilience and that of the team | Anyone who is in a team leader position and wants to learn about team structures in relation to resilience

The e-learning course will focus on the application of the 7 keys to resilience to your team: What can you do as a team leader to foster your own resilience, but also to strengthen your team members' resilience and to thereby make your entire team more resilient towards crises? It is sometimes hard for team leaders to draw the line between the responsibility which comes along with their position and areas which exceed their competence and/or their responsibility. We will help you focus on areas which you can and should tackle as a leader.

The WBT covers essential contents on the topic of resilience such as:

  • Basic understanding of resilience
  • The seven keys to resilience explained in detail step by step to integrate into everyday life
  • Countering stress/becoming more resilient and stronger
  • Coping better with difficult situations
  • The seven keys to resilience for team leaders
  • Managing crises (dealing with stress and uncertainty)
  • Maintaining mental health
  • Maintaining performance
  • Changing while maintaining stability
  • Keeping motivation high when KPIs are not met
  • Facilitate effective communication between team members and with clients in difficult situations

The WBT is is split into two modules, each containing a variety of sub-modules:

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 2.1 Resilience key 1: Acceptance for team leaders
  • 2.2 Resilience key 2: Optimism for team leaders
  • 2.3 Resilience key 3: Self-efficacy for team leaders
  • 2.4 Resilience key 4: Individual responsibility for team leaders
  • 2.5 Resilience key 5: Network orientation for team leaders
  • 2.6 Resilience key 6: Solution orientation for team leaders
  • 2.7 Resilience key 7. Future orientation for team leaders

All ADG’s WBTs follow a user-friendly and practitioner-oriented didactical approach, combining the delivery of technical knowledge through motivating and small e-learning modules. This means:

  • You will be provided with various interactive learning elements, such as scenarios, which will help you to apply what you have learnt and to transfer it to your daily working routines.
  • We will provide you with fundamental knowledge and background information on resilience.
  • You will get a basic understanding of resilience.
  • You will also dive into the seven keys of resilience which can open the door to an enhanced inner balance and increased mental health and well-being for you.
  • The course can help you and your team to stay resilient, even in times of crisis.
  • We will delve deep into resilience at team level and address questions such as: "How can team leaders strengthen their individual resilience?" "How can team leaders help their employees strengthen their individual resilience?"
  • You have the opportunity to enhance and deepen the knowledge you have gained through reflection exercises.
  • You will be provided with templates like a personal learning journal that you can use to continually self-reflect and incorporate your learnings into your daily working routines.
Isabelle Katthagen

Isabelle Katthagen

Director ADG International
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